Machine Learning Frameworks

We are delighted to welcome researcher Mohamed Kadhem Karray at the RGOSA seminar, where he will be presenting a talk titled “Machine Learning Frameworks” on Thursday, October 19th, at 2:00 PM Tunisian time. Despite his position as a researcher in the industry, Dr. Mohamed Kadhem Karray holds expertise in mathematics. Consequently, his presentation will delve into mathematical aspects, and the abstract of his talk is as follows:

“We aim to present the essential mathematical concepts and results of machine and deep learning. In this first lecture, we define precisely the Machine Learning (ML) frameworks and give the first results on “performance guarantee” of ML algorithms in the case of a finite class of hypothesis. The following lessons extend these results to the case of infinite classes (even of infinite dimension).”

Dr. Mohamed Kadhem Karray also has a Youtube channel in which he explains the mathematical aspects of Machine Learning.

The recordings and presentation slides from the previous talks are available on the seminar’s webpage:

And the link for the zoom conference is:

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