CIMPA School: Ordered Structures with Applications in Finance and Machine Learning

The CIMPA School Ordered Structures with Applications in Finance and Machine Learning is scheduled to take place from June 18-28, 2024 at the Pristini School of AI campus.

The CIMPA School aims to foster multidisciplinary collaboration by promoting interactions between the various specialties offered. To achieve this, the school will focus on two key areas: mathematical finance and stochastic calculus, as well as machine learning. These two fields will be approached from the perspective of ordered structures, which are inherently multidisciplinary and have applications in logic, algebra, functional analysis, and computer science, as well as in finance, economics, and machine learning.

The school will offer courses on probability theory and stochastic computations in vector lattices and Banach lattices, as well as courses on machine learning and its applications in finance. Machine learning has become a crucial area of research in recent decades, and it has become increasingly important for the scientific community of vector lattices and Banach lattices to engage with it. In fact, recent research has suggested that ordered lattices could be a promising avenue for high-dimensional optimization in machine learning.

To emphasize the practical aspects of these topics, the afternoons of the school will be dedicated to tutorial and practical sessions, with morning sessions being plenary and taking place in the Pristini School’s amphitheater. The afternoon sessions will be in small groups with a maximum of 20 participants to facilitate interactive learning and practical work.

The list of courses

  1. Conditional expectation in classical case and Riesz Spaces
  2. Pre-order in financial mathematics
  3. Python training
  4. Markov and Martingales
  5. Basic Techniques in Banach Lattices
  6. Fundamental theorems of asset pricing without friction
  7. Reinforcement learning
  8. Information theory in Riesz Spaces
  9. Applications of ML in management of electrical nteworks
  10. Applications of ML in management of Fraud Detection

The conferences

  1. Machine Learning in the banking System (Conference).
  2. Machine Learning in Insurance (Conference).


All students are required to complete their registration on the CIMPA website at Please note that the registration deadline is March 14, 2024.

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