Speakers and abstracts

CIMPA School Schedule

Week 1 Schedule

Course Instructor
Conditional expectation from classical case to Riesz Spaces Wen-Chi Kuo
Markov and Martingales Bruce Watson
Basic Techniques in Banach Lattices Pedro Tradacete
Information theory in Riesz Spaces Bruce Watson
From statistics to Machine Learning Gaël Collinet

Week 2 Schedule

Course Instructor
Analytic approach in Machine Learning Yury Korolev
Reinforcement learning Gaël Collinet
Fundamental theorems of asset pricing without friction Emmanuel Lepinette
Applications of ML in management of electrical networks Villanueva
Enhancing AI with Mathematical Insights and Driving Physics Discoveries Miguel Ruiz
Machine Learning for Banking François Friggit
Pre-order in Financial Mathematics Emmanuel Lepinette
Python Mohamed Amine Ben Amor