3 days in Order

The “3 Days in Order” workshop is intended for PhD students and young researchers. Doctoral courses will be given as well as a review of the most recent papers in the field of ordered structures.

This workshop will conclude the 2022/2023 season of the RGOSA seminar.


Registration is open until May 25, 2023. The cost of accommodation and participation is 700 TND in full soft inclusive at the Royal Kenz Hôtel Thalasso & Spa.

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Book of Abstracts:

List of participants:

  • Ben Amor Mohamed Amine
  • Azouzi Youssef
  • Jaber Jamel
  • Masmoudi Marwa
  • Omrani Amal
  • Cherif Dorsaf
  • Ben Rjeb Asma
  • El Mansour Mariem
  • Nasri Youssef
  • Balti Mounir
  • Smiti Samir
  • Lamouchi Haithem
  • Dhifaoui Wassim
  • Troudi Marwa
  • Ouali Aziz
  • Omri Slim
  • Hfaiedh Mohamed
  • Ben Amor Ahlem
  • Salhi Nawfel
  • Souissi Rania
  • Abdallah Ben Abdallah
  • Houssem Sellami
  • Faouzi Thabet
  • Adnene Khalfaoui

Online Sessions

The sessions will be broadcast live via Zoom on this link:


Organizing committee:

  • Marwa Masmoudi
  • Mohamed Amine BEN AMOR