Youssef Azouzi

Researcher at IPEST, University of Carthage and member of the LATAO LR11ES12 research laboratory, his research focuses on probability theory in ordered spaces. Lately, he has been interested in Banach lattices and in applications of ordered spaces to finance and economics. He is also interested in operator theory and has collaborated with researchers in Europe (ICMAT Madrid) and Africa (Wits University, South Africa).


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  • Cartapos 06, Tunis : Talk : The de schipper formula and Riesz spaces
  • Positivity VI: (El Escorial, Madrid 2009) Talk : Matrix of an almost f-algebra
  • Positivity VIII, Chengdu, Talk : Tensor product of f-algebras.
  • Positivity IX, Alberta, Canada. (2017), Talk: Lp spaces with respect to a conditional expactation on Ries spaces.
  • Workshop on Order and Banach Spaces, Tunisie, Cité des Sciences, Tunis (2017), Talk : Komlòs Theorem, Komlòs property, Komlòs space.
  • Workshop on Order and Banach Spaces, Tunisie, Cité des Sciences. Tunis, (2018), Lecture : Unbounded order convergence.
  • Positivity X, Pretoria, Afrique de Sud, 2019, (Pleanary speaker), Talk : Completeness for vector lattices.
  • Conference on Ordered Structures with Applications in Economy and Finance (COSAEF), on line (3-7 May, 2021), Talk : Bokholder Theorem in Riesz spaces
  • SMT congres (March, 2022), Talk : Different kinds of convergences
  • Workshop in Banach spaces and Banach lattices II (Madrid, May, 2022), Talk : On unbounded norm convergence in Banach lattices.
  • Functional Analysis and Operator Theory (South-Africa, September-October 2022), Talk : Borel-Cantelli Lemma and applications
  • Days on Order structures and related topics, Tunisia Hammamet (December 2022), Talk : T-completeness in Riesz spaces
  • Conference on Ordered Structures with Applications (February 2023), Talk : Inequalities in Riesz spaces.