List of participants

We are pleased to announce the list of candidates who have been successfully admitted to the CIMPA School: Ordered Structures with Applications in Finance and Machine Learning. This program is designed to delve into the complexities of ordered structures and their significant applications across various domains, particularly finance and machine learning.

Each of the individuals listed below has demonstrated exceptional academic potential and readiness to engage with challenging concepts in this specialized field. We congratulate all admitted candidates and look forward to their contributions to the discourse and development of ordered structures within these pivotal sectors.

Additionally, we are open to accepting a limited number of auditors who wish to participate in the program without seeking formal admission. Those interested in attending as auditors are encouraged to submit their requests via email at admin

Please find below the complete list of admitted candidates:

Last names First names Position Institution Country
Khelifi Youssef Other Tunisia
Baibeche sabah PhD Student Algeria
omri amel PhD Student Tunisia
Nanyonga Erina PhD Student Uganda
DIALLO Houleymatou PhD Student Senegal
MINGA Andy Faculty South Africa
Ghriss Yasmine Other Lebanon
Bouchelaghem Fairouz Postdoc Algeria
Djellas Ihab Eddine PhD Student Algeria
TAZIGH Idriss PhD Student Morocco
arbi adnene Faculty Tunisia
Rabearivony Dimby PhD Student South Africa
Souissi Abdessatar Faculty Tunisia
Chenchah Farah Faculty Tunisia
H Michane Jawad Other Morocco
Amal Omrani PhD Student France
Jlassi Amal Postdoc Tunisia
Sonick Mumba PhD Student South Africa
ABOUTAFAIL Moulay Othman Other Morocco
Kankolongo Kadilu PhD Student Congo – Kinshasa
ELKHAD Lotfi PhD Student Algeria
boukara tarik PhD Student Morocco
Kadhi Fethi Faculty Tunisia
Nefzi Wiem PhD Student Tunisia
BENSALAH Mariam Other Tunisia
NIOUAR Mounssif PhD Student Morocco
MASMOUDI Khalil Faculty Tunisia
KARA Mohamed Abdelhak Faculty Algeria
Souissi Nawel Faculty Tunisia
Sahbani Abdelhakim PhD Student Tunisia
Hassine kods Other Tunisia
Mahfoudhi Imed Faculty Tunisia
Benfajria Khouloud Master student Tunisia
SELLAMI Houssem PhD Student Tunisia
BEDERINA Mohammed PhD Student Algeria
Karaa Rabaa Faculty Tunisia
Dhifaoui Wassim PhD Student Tunisia
BEL HSAN Eya Master Student Tunisia
CHALBI May Master Student Tunisia
RAMDANE Kawtar Other Morocco