L-functional analysis

We are pleased to report that the recent RGOSA seminar featuring the esteemed Marten Wortel was a resounding success! Marten Wortel, along with his collaborators, provided a captivating exploration into the realm of L-functional analysis, drawing upon foundational work and recent developments in the field.

A Brief Recap of the Talk

The seminar centered on “L-functional analysis“, where traditional scalars in functional analysis (R or C) are replaced by a (real or complex) Dedekind complete unital f-algebra L. Marten Wortel’s presentation commenced with a detailed introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of the study, highlighting its significance and the novel perspectives it introduces into the analysis using ordered structures.

Marten provided insights into the collaborative research conducted with Walt van Amstel, Eder Kikianty, Miek Messerschmidt, Luan Naude, Chris Schwanke, Jan Harm van der Walt from Pretoria, and Mark Roelands from Leiden. The discussion illuminated their pioneering work on L-Banach and L-Hilbert spaces and presented comparative analyses with the classical approaches, enriching the attendees’ understanding of the subject.

Access the Seminar Materials

For those who were unable to attend the seminar or wish to revisit the insightful discussions, we have made both the video recording and the presentation slides available below.

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